Cheap Garage Floors

Is your garage floor cracking, peeling and losing it’s appeal? Flexico specialises in affordable garage flooring! Not only are they affordable, but they use the highest quality materials to ensure that your garage flooring lasts a lifetime!

What’s different about Flexico? Well, most companies use a substance called Epoxy when building garage floors, which eventually starts to crevice and strip from everyday wear and tear. Your garage floor will eventually look very worn out and dull when built with Epoxy. Flexico on the other hand, uses a long lasting material called Polyurea which lasts four times longer than concrete, leaving you with a strong, enduring alternative for your garage floor. By using polyurea, your garage floor is easily applied with only two people in a day’s work and has very little odour once completed.

Flexico is well known nationally for their storage and floors, which makes them a company you can trust! You will be nothing less than happy when using Flexico! Flexico will guarantee you with a long lasting, affordable and a high quality garage floor as the end result.

What’s great about Flexico is that we are widely spread all around Australia, so enjoy a durable garage floor for your home  and click here for more information, or contact our friendly staff on 1300 4 35394.

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