Garage Floor, Garage Walls, Garage Storage – Flexico Have It All Covered

Flexico Perth introduced Hercke Garage Storage Systems – custom modular storage units designed for the garage and workshop. Here are five ways how Flexico Perth’s Storage Solutions can help you to utilise space in your garage:

  • Off The Floor and Onto The Walls: Combined with the flexible cabinet system by Hercke,  Flexico’s Flexiwall affixed to your garage wall will get all your stuff off the floor into a safer, easily visible and instanly accessible wall storage system. Flexiwall is a cellular PVC slat wall with powder coated, non-slip hooks allowing you to store absolutely anything (200kg no problem!) on your garage walls. Ladders, tools, bikes, sporting equipment, extension cords. Anything.
  • Work Benches Galore: This might seem like a simple idea, but like the floors of our garage, the workable bench space is covered in boxes, tools, packaging, and files. Flexico built a workbench into the cabinets complete with wall hanging area, a under the bench shelving unit on wheels and cupboard space above. multiple workbenches will always give you a place to work.
  • More Space Please: Flexico Australia installs Herke’s unique modular storage systems that allow you to create a work station tailored to suit your needs and garage size. Each cupboard closes cleanly with lockable door to keep your valuables in and the kids and the dust out.
  • Restore the Floor: Flexico having just solved all garage storage problems with Hercke’s Modular Storage System and Flexiwall, Restore all stained, cracked and chipped concrete garage floor with Flexico’s Epoxy Floor Coating Alternative: Citadel Floor Finishing Systems.  For a garage floor that is flexible, non slip, durable and maintenance free. The perfect garage floor solution installed overnight.
  • Forms Alongside Function: Be proud of your garage! Think shiny, stainless steel modular garage system, timber work benches, organised wall systems and Polished Concrete flooring. Function meets Beauty seamlessly.

Learn more about the products available for the complete makeover of your garage together with Hercke Modular Storages, Flexico Flexiwall and Polished Concrete Flooring. Get in touch with the friendly team at Flexico WA by phoning 08 9204 1911. Flexico WA is a Perth company serving all your Storage needs. Find out more at

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