Flexico Floor Coating Surpasses Epoxy Paint Flexico Flooring Solutions

A Unique Floor Coating Like Not Other

With over 60 years of combined floor coating experience, there really is only one team you can count on to get the job done right. Fully Australian owned and operated Flexico Flooring have been coating residential and commercial floors for families and businesses across Australia for many years.

This isn’t simply because we love our job, we believe Flexico’s Polaspartic Polyurea Floor Coatings are more advanced, safer, stronger and more durable than epoxy paint. We are happy knowing you are saving money, time, effort and pain now and in the long run.

A Strength That Is Second To None

Flexico Floor Coatings are not only 4 x stronger than epoxy paint, their extreme durability makes it resistant to salt, oil, gas and harsh chemicals. Flexico Floor Coatings are the industrial grade floor coating system perfect for home garages, workshops and backyards.

Adjustable rate technology means your floor coating with breath in rain, hail or shine. So no cracking like epoxy paints. We are happy to provide a product that we know you will be satisfied with, but at Flexico, we want to do one better with unbeatable service. This is incomparable; second to none.

The application process of Flexico Polyurea Flooring doesn’t rely on low humidity or warm temperatures, and therefore can be applied all year round without seasonal¬† limitations. The unique fast curing rate of Polyurea Floor Coating means simple, hassle free application in one day only. ¬†With no harsh chemicals, solvents of odours the drying time of Polyrea Flooring won’t affect the health of you, your family or business.

For a floor finishing system like no other speak to the professional team at Flexico Citadel Floor Coating Systems on 1300 4 35394 or visit www.flexico.com.au.

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